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Zambia Lotto 6/38 31.10.2020
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LotoXP lotto program

The lotto program on this site is composed of a series of filters, statistics , a generator, a verifier and a chances calculator.

Filters are modules that allow you to specify the kind of numbers you want to play. Most of these filters come with according statistics so you can make educated decisions.
    Filters allow you to condition the generated combinations in several ways:
  • to contain numbers with certain matematic properties : Divisibility, Consec, Sum;
  • to contain numbers with certain frequency or that were not drawn for a period of time : Frequency&Delay;
  • numbers that were not drawn together for a period of time : Past draws;
  • numbers that are prefered by the user like birth dates : Strings
If there are filters you want but you dont find on the site you are invited to ask for them in the apropriate section of the forum.

The Generator searches and displays combinations according to the filters you use. Every combination generated is guaranteed to satisfy all the selected filters simultaneously.

The Verifier can be used after the drawing of the official combination and it tells you whether or not the settings of the filters were met by the official draw. It also tells you whether increased or not your chances by using a particular setting for the filters compared to a 'plain play',meaning a play with no filters.

The Chances Calculator allows you to see how many of the total possible combinations allow you to win a certain prize level according to the selected filters


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